Roma - Espresso


Blend Notes
Silky and full-bodied with richly mellow taste.

ROMA is primarily built as an espresso blend, but also works very well with all brewing methods. We suggest trying the ROK espresso maker for best results at home.

Blend Ingredients

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Haiti Brazil Colombia Ethiopia
“One of life’s great joys is sitting in an Italian café with good friends and enjoying a great cup of coffee or espresso.  I challenged my friends at La Colombe to create a selection of coffees that captures these wonderful moments.  They have searched the world to find the right blends and then roasted them with expert craftsmanship to achieve that special Italian taste.  I hope you will be as pleased as I am with the result.  We can’t always be in Rome or Venice, but now we can all be a little closer every day!”
– Mario Batali


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